Canon Legria FS406 Digital Camcorder Review 2011


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Canon Legria FS406 review

Creating and sharing quality videos is effortless fun with the incredibly lightweight and compact Canon Legria FS406 video camera. Not only does the Canon Legria FS406 create brilliant Standard Definition (SD) video but the tiny size of the Canon Legria FS406 means you can take it with you wherever you go, plus it records straight to memory card so you can quickly and easily share your movies with friends and family.

Canon Legria FS406 Features include:
* 41x Advanced Zoom lens
* Dynamic Optical Image Stabilizer for steady recordings
* 2.7” widescreen LCD display
* Program Auto Exposure which automatically adjusts settings dependent upon subject and conditions
* Range of control and creative options which can take your moviemaking to the next level:
* Video Snapshot
*Pre REC
* Quick Start
* With Canon’s FS406 Transfer Utility sharing movies online, on sites like YouTube™, has never been easier thanks to HD-SD conversion and   Easy Web Uploading with PIXELA software.

Canon Legria FS406: Stylish and compact
Weighing just 225g the stylish LEGRIA FS 406 is not only extremely lightweight but also small enough to fit in your pocket, so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

Canon Legria FS406 41x Advanced Zoom lens
The Canon Legria FS406 video camera offers you additional flexibility giving you the choice of 41x Advanced Zoom in default mode, a 37x Optical Zoom or a 2000x Digital Zoom.

The Canon Legria FS406 video camera 41x Advanced Zoom lens is ideal for capturing the detail of the moment. The Canon Legria FS406 versatility means you can really explore your creative options and the Canon Legria FS406 is perfect for capturing the action at sporting events or concerts. Zooming is smooth and steady throughout the range so you are always able to get the shot you need and with the quality you expect from Canon.

FS406: Smooth, professional looking video
Canon Legria FS406 Dynamic Optical Image Stabilizer compensates for almost every kind of movement from the gentle murmurs of your breathing to the vibrations of a car ride, so your movies will always have a smooth, professional look.

The Canon Legria FS406 Dynamic Optical Image Stabilizer detects and corrects movement even using full zoom.

Canon Legria FS406 Dynamic Optical Image Stabilizer

Easily switch the Canon Legria FS406 video camera from Standard Mode to Dynamic Range when you want to stabilise heavy hand shake on the move e.g. when walking, shooting from a moving car or even when shooting at maximum telephoto range.

Legria FS406 Shoot and Share
With the Legria FS406 video camera you shoot movies straight to removable SD or SDHC flash memory cards, so they are ready and waiting to be shared with friends and family.

You’ll also appreciate its quick response time of the Legria FS406 video camera. Pressing  the record button and your Canon Legria FS406 starts recording video faster than you’ve ever seen before. In addition, when you review your footage, the Canon Legria FS406 will start playing more quickly as well.

The efficient file size of SD movies mean they are perfect for uploading to a computer or the internet so you can easily share movies on popular video sharing websites like YouTube™.

Or create your very own podcasts to send to all your friends with a free Canon Image Gateway account (register your product on the Canon Image Gateway website, see leaflet in the box). You can also play back your movies on any TV.

Just connect the camcorder directly to the TV using the AV cable supplied. Memory cards are also so small that taking extra cards with you is no problem.

Canon Legria FS406 Program Auto Exposure gets the best from difficult shooting conditions
Your life happens everywhere, so the Legria FS406 video camera includes Program Auto Exposure (AE) mode that gives you settings that automatically result in the best exposure settings for different conditions and different subjects.

These modes in the Canon Legria FS406 include Portrait mode which ensures perfect close up shots of your friends and family. Sports mode captures the action with faster shutter speeds. Night Scene mode is designed to give you great shots after the sun goes down. Snow and Beach modes compensate for bright surroundings and give you the proper exposure of your subject.

FS406 Great low light performance

Some of the most magical shots are taken at the end of the day or long after the sun has set. You won’t miss any of them thanks to the Legria FS406 video camera built-in video light. The light lets you shoot subjects in low light up to 4.9 feet away, e.g. when filming a sleeping baby, so you can capture all of the low light moments you want to record.

Canon Legria FS406 creates multi-shot video quickly and easily with Video Snapshot
Using the Canon Legria FS406 in Video Snapshot mode it is fun and easy to create great video montages. Simply press the record button to capture 2, 4 or 8-second clips. To make and playback a simple multi-shot movie is quick and easy and you don’t need a PC. All you have to do is select a series of clips and create a ‘playlist’.

This can then be set to music, chosen from the preloaded, rights-free tracks on the Legria FS406 video camera or from a selection supplied on the accompanying CD. Alternatively, you can upload your own WAV format tracks using the Music Transfer Utility supplied.

Canon Legria FS406 Power efficientcy with quick recharge
The Legria FS406 video camera intelligent battery lets you shoot for up to 3.5 hours on a single charge. Plus all it takes is 20 minutes to recharge the Canon Legria FS406 for a further hour’s recording.

With the Canon Legria FS406 you never miss a shot

In the Canon Legria FS406 Pre REC mode, the Legria FS406 video camera starts recording three seconds before you even press the Record button. Three seconds of footage are continuously stored and automatically added to the beginning of your clip from whenever you start recording.

With the Canon Legria FS406 you need never miss that crucial moment again. With Quick Start standby mode you can also power up the camcorder in less than a second by simply flipping open the LCD screen.

Over 70 years of lens excellence
Every Canon camcorder lens is constructed to the most exacting standards and backed by more than 70 years’ experience in crafting lenses for broadcast. Up to 13 individual lenses can be included in a single Canon camcorder lens, each featuring aspheric lens elements to remove any image distortion for the highest quality video.

Canon make their own lenses and their outstanding image quality is underscored by their use in most broadcast applications. For example, programmes like Coronation Street, Casualty and X Factor, nature documentaries like The Blue Planet and Life, as well as the majority of outside broadcasts in the UK, are all recorded using Canon’s state-of-the-art broadcast lenses.

Legria FS406 video camera Box Contains:

# Legria FS406 body
# Stereo Video Cable and Interface Cable set
# CA-570 Compact Power Adapter
# AC Cable, BP-808 Battery Pack
# PIXELA Transfer Utility SD Ver 1.0
# PIXELA Video Browser SD Ver 1.0
# Instruction Manual / Music Data Disc
# Quick Guide (E/F/G/I/R)
# PIXELA Installation Guide (E/F/I/G/R/C)

 Canon Legria FS406Technical Details
* Two memory card slots: record to SDXC and Eye-Fi cards for easy sharing
* 41x Advanced Zoom and Dynamic IS for stable shots on the move
* Easy-to-use Dual Shot mode: one button for video, one for photos
* 6.7cm widescreen LCD captures high quality 16:9 movies
* One-touch clips with Video Snapshot for easy moviemaking

Customer Canon Legria FS406 review
4 stars Lightweight and easy to use
Loads of gismos but easy to use – useable even in my big arthritic hands just as it is in the more delicate hands of my teen.
Published 4 months ago by John B

5 stars Really nice pocket size camera!
This is a great little camera which is you can point aim and shoot away….decided to get a new camera as my wife and I are expecting our first child.
Canon Legria FS406 review Published 5 months ago by M.Bizzle

5 stars Excelent Camera
I bought this camera for short video work after my shiny Sony all singing and dancing camera died. I have not been disapointed.
Canon Legria FS406 review Published 6 months ago by Peter Clark

3 stars Works well, but has drawbacks
This is my fourth video camera and second Canon one.
Records to an SD card, (make sure you get the right one and type).
Canon Legria FS406 review Published 11 months ago by Griffin

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The Canon Legria FS406 Digital Camcorder is due to be available from February 25th 2011

Legria FS406

Canon Legria FS406

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Product Specifications

Model : 5026B026AA
EAN Code :

Two memory card slots: record to SDXC and Eye-Fi cards for easy sharing

41x Advanced Zoom and Dynamic IS for stable shots on the move

Easy-to-use Dual Shot mode: one button for video, one for photos

6.7cm widescreen LCD captures high quality 16:9 video

One-touch clips with Video Snapshot for easy videomaking