Samsung F70 CMOS 52X Optical Zoom Lens Camcorder Review 2012


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Samsung F70 Review

Samsung SMX-F70 has a 52X optical zoom lens with 1/3.2″ CMOS image sensor recording to H.264 format. Use manual focus or auto focus with face detection to capture crisp clear movies with auto shutter speed, auto white balance with back light compensation, or snap stills while viewing through the 2.7″ LCD screen. A lens cover included and charge through the USB port.

Samsung F70 Features

Record Pause
With the record pause feature on the Samsung F70, you can pause the recording and then pick up right where you left off without creating a new file. This way you only have one file to work with and don’t have to merge files for editing, sharing or transferring.

Intelligent Smart Auto
The Samsung SMX-F70 intelligent smart auto feature automatically selects the best shooting mode to capture video and even detect the face, with 7 pre-set modes to address a wide number of different shooting situations such as indoor/outdoor lighting, portraits, and fast-moving images.

Motion Analysis
Unstable hands can cause camcorder footage to be shaky and blurred. With the Samsung F70 advanced computational power, motion analysis gives precision image stabilising, so say goodbye to shaky videos.

Still Image Capture
While recording video and without interruption, the Samsung F70 captures still images (1.9 Megapixel) that are as vivid and vibrant as life itself.

Time-lapse recording
The timeless beauty of a sunset can be captured and condensed in HD detail using the Samsung F70 time lapse recording feature. Still frames are taken at preset intervals and put together in sequential order to create a video file that speeds up the slow passage of time.

Intell-studio software is built-in to the Samsung F70, giving you the freedom to play, edit and share files on any PC. As soon as the Samsung SMX-F70 is connected to a PC via USB, Intell-studio runs automatically.

Smart BGM feature
Add emotion to your home movies with Smart BGM. Choose from a variety of pre-recorded background music and overlay them to movies you’ve already recorded. The background music automatically becomes lower during a dialogue scene so none of the words are ever drowned out.

Samsung F70


In the Samsung F70 Box
AC adaptor / charger included
AC cord
Battery Pack
Hand grip strap
Bundle Recordable Media optional
Instruction book
Pocket guide

Samsung F70 Summary

The Samsung SMX-F70 records to H.264 format standard definition with a CMOS image sensor, auto white balance, face detection and back light compensation. With many more features, the Samsung F70 is good value. For a full rundown of all the features, and the best discount price, click on the Samsung F70 link for a very good deal.

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Product Specifications

Model : SMX-F70BP/XEU
EAN Code :

records to one SD SDHC card slot

2.5-inch LCD screen

52X optical zoom lens

Intelligent Smart Auto

Time-lapse recording