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Sony HDR-CX730 review

The new Sony HDR-CX730 HD camcorder changes the whole meaning of steady shooting with a revolutionary balanced optical steadyshot feature with a very effective anti-shake correction which moves the lens around to give a claimed 13x improvement and stable footage which almost equates to a tripod mount, even when walking, and which is even effective over the full range of wide to telephoto.

This feature alone makes the Sony HDR-CX730 worthy of consideration, but pack Full HD 1920x1080p AVCHD format into the mix, a Carl Zeiss wide angle 10x optical zoom lens matched with a super sensitive Exmor R™ CMOS sensor for clearer images and a powerful BIONZ processor and even low light shots come out bright with clear detail.

The Sony HDR-CX730 takes care of framing with both a 7.5cm/3″ LCD touchscreen monitor and an electronic viewfinder for help in framing shots and checking the detail in bright sunlight.

To compliment the clarity of the video you need excellent audio clarity which the Sony HDR-CX730 provides with a new 5.1ch surround sound zoom microphone with an advanced wind noise reduction processor which also boosts microphone focus for clearer speech. A high quality linear phase speaker system with amplifier plays back the clear natural sound as it was meant to be.

I’ve just found a Sony HDR-CX730 review video on YouTube which I think does a good job of demonstrating the revolutionary balanced optical steadyshot feature. If you can ignore the edges of the video which shows the interior of the car in close-up, the main subject of the video really does look like a professional tracking system was used to record this. Click on the picture of the camcorder below to watch the video, which is best watched in full screen and full HD.   

Sony HDR-CX730

Sony HDR-CX730

Sony HDR-CX730 gives you creative control with zebra patterning, manual fine focus adjustment, expanded focus view and a peaking display. A quick autofocus will very quickly lock onto a subject even in low light and instantly return a sharply focused image which can be tracked with the Tracking focus feature by tapping the touch screen to lock the autofocus. The intelligent auto mode adjusts for best results.

Most camcorders will take reasonable stills photos, and the Sony HDR-CX730 camcorder will give any high quality stills camera a good run for the money with a capability of taking up to 24.1MP stills high quality in fine detail. A golf shot feature will freeze fast-moving action with high-speed bursts for analysing during playback.

All of the video and stills action is recorded onto a Memory Stick™,Memory Stick Pro Duo™ or SD/SDHC card which are available up to 64GB at present, but be sure to buy a fast card, a 10 is the best.

Sony HDR-CX730 Supplied Accessories

Sony HDR-CX730 Supplied Accessories

AC Adaptor
Wireless Remote Commander
HDMI®(mini) Cable
A/V Connecting Cable
NP-FV50 Rechargeable Battery Pack
USB Connection Support Cable
PlayMemories Home Editing Software (built-in)

Sony HDR-CX730 review extracts from buyers:

4 out of 5 stars Sony HDR-CX730 review Godsmackingly Delicious!, 8 May 2012
The 10x optical zoom is very impressive but it’s the steadiness of the shooting which blew me away….. One of the things I tested early on was the 24.1 megapixel still image recording…… The quality even at max zoom is brilliant and plugged into…….. There is also an active interface shoe on the top for extra lights. The added bonus is being able to shoot in the dark! Just one press of a button and you can do your own…….Another part of this camera is being able to automatically take still pictures when it detects a smile…….Overall, I wouldn’t have spent nearly a grand on a video camera but after using this I think I would. A brilliant device, very highly recommended. Read the full customer Sony HDR-CX730 review by Wrath (UK) of the Sony HDR-CX730 Full HD Camcorder


4 out of 5 stars Sony HDR-CX730 review. Excellent camcorder. 6 July 2012

Like another Sony HDR-CX730 reviewer I received this camera through Amazon ……the size and weight is pretty much like holding a slightly oversized can of coke in your hand……I was very impressed with the videos I have shot and they are of a very high quality…… quick to focus when using the digital zoom during filming…….. Low light situations are not a problem either with clear and colourful shots still produced……with a powerful LED light that makes shooting with no other light no problem at all and also features “NIGHT VISION” …….this is good for catching nature at night……4 Stars seems about right. Sony HDR-CX730 review By J. Pike “J.Pike” (Guernsey, Channel Islands)

5 out of 5 stars
Sony HDR-CX730 review: First Class HD Camcorder,22 Jun 2012

I found the Sony HDR-CX730 very easy to use, next to no reading was needed to get using this HD camcorder……..I was astonished by the high quality of the video recording that was not only done in day light but in dim light……no shaking of the picture on playback even though it was held be hand….. This Sony Handycam HDRCX730 warrants the 5* rating amd more….You wont go wrong with buying this HD camcorder!! Sony HDR-CX730 review by shandy. To read the FULL Sony HDR-CX730 review from each customer, click on this Sony HDR-CX730 review link. Sony HDR-CX730 Full HD Camcorder

Sony HDR-CX730 Summary


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Product Specifications

Model : HDRCX730EB.CEH
EAN Code :

Record 1920x1080 Full HD video or 24.1MP stills

Sony SteadyShot Active Mode image stabilization

Record superb low-light video with Back-illuminated Exmor CMOS sensor

Touch-screen Clear Photo 7.5cm wide LCD with Focus Tracking

In camera editing with Event Browse and Highlight Playback